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Otomologi is a personal blog about the automotive and technologi.Blog administered by a mechanic workers to share knowledge about vehicle repair techniques and procedures especially car,trains and heavy equipment engines. I hope otomologi blog can be used as a platform to share knowledge for all. Able to fix our own vehicle it is more pleasant than expecting mechanic services.In this otomologi blog we can learn together about technique vehicle repair. And who want to share experiences about workshop repair techniques, let's share your experience with otomologi.

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Opo Tho le Blog Otomologi?

Otomologi punika blog pribadi bab automotive lan technologi.Blog diterbitake dening buruh mekanik kanggo nuduhake kawruh bab Techniques kendaraan ndandani lan tata cara utamané Mobil lan mesin heavy equipment. Mugi mugi otomologi bisa digunakake minangka platform kanggo nuduhake kawruh kanggo kabeh. Bisa ndandani kendaraan kita dhewe iku luwih penake saka dikarepake services.In mekanik blog otomologi iki kita bisa sinau bebarengan bab repair technique kendaraan. Lan sing pengin nuduhake pengalaman bab Techniques repair workshop, ayo kang nuduhake pengalaman karo otomologi.

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